Sangeet Vishwabharti is purely a traditional North Indian Music Academy which provides outstanding and systemetic training in classical vocal, tabla, sitar, harmonium, semi-classical vocal (bhajan, folk music) and dance.

Classes are held both children and adults according to the levels from introductory to diploma and degree level in all subjects.




Music, as we all know, involves vocal, instrumental and dance art forms as a whole. Music can be regarded as a medium for expressing thought and feeling through tone and time.The basic elements of music that combine to achieve this effect are melody, rhythm and harmony. Their combination gives rise to musical form.The term Indian music refers to the music of the sub-continent. Indian classical music, based on the raga form, refers to both North Indian music and South Indian music. Alternatively they are known as Hindustani and Carnatic music. Both traditions carry one single aim - to achieve highest innermost path of God through music. Rigved says 'kalav tat hari kirtanaat' music is the only tool to achieve God' 



Smita Oza

Vice Chairman

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