Incorporated Society of MusiciansJatinkumar Oza (FISM) - Founder Chairman Sangeet Vishwabharti, London 1993


                                          Head of Performing Arts - The Swaminarayan School (2001)

   M.A. Performing Arts (Middlesex University, London)

   Sangeet Akankaar - Vocal   (ABGMVM) 

   Sangeet Visharad - Tabla (ABGMVM)






Jatinkumar made an early debut giving his first solo recital at the age of 14, singing his own composed piece for which he was awarded 1st prize in Gujarat, India. HSDH Shree Pramukh Swami Maharaja's blessings and inspiration initiated him for further training in classical vocal, tabla and sitar. He was privileged to have learnt from India's most renowned and exponent musicians gurujis. For more than 30 years he has been continuously engaged in learning.


Music training from following Gurujis


Classical Vocal  


  • Pt. Askaran Sharma (Mumbai) Vocal guruji Dr. Pandit Askaran Sharma (Mumbai). Pt. Askaran Sharma is the reciepient of many prestigious awards such as Sangeet Natya Academy, Swar Vilas,Sangeet Manishi, Sangeet Kalanidhi,  Sangeet Ratna (London 2003) etc
  •  Pt. Krishnakant Parikh (Ahmedabad)  Desciple of Pt Jasraj    
  • Pt. Srikant Bakre (Calcutta) Desciple of Us. Amir Khan Saheb 
  • Late Pandit Pratapnarayanji (Mumbai) - Desciple of Pt Motiram and Pt Jyotiram. Younger brother of Pt Maniram and elder brother of Pt. Jasraj - Mewati Gharana. Father of Music Director Jatin Lalit and actress and playback singer Vijayeta Pandit and Sulakshana Pandit                                                       




  • Shri Lakshman Phulpagare (Ahmedabad) 
  • Pt. Shankar Ghosh (Calcutta) - Desciple of Pt Gnanprakash Ghosh 
  • Pt. Nikhil Ghosh (Mumbai) - Desciple of Pt Gnanprakash Ghosh and brother of Pt. Pannalal GHosh (flute)  
  • Pt. Suresh Talwalkar (Mumbai), Desciple of father Pt. Dattatrey Talwalkar, Pt. Pandhrinath Nageshkar,  Pt. Vinayak Ghanghrekar.    Recipients of  Awards:  Padma Shri, Sangeet Natak Academy 
  • Pt. Kashinath Mishra (Mumbai) - Desciple of famous tabla artist of Benaras Gharana
  • Pt.Suresh Gaitunde(Bhaiji) Thane, Mumbai - Desciple of father B.T Gaitonde, Pt. Jagannathbuwa Purohit, Us. Ahmadjaan Thirakwa, Pt. Vinayakrao Ghanghrekar. Panditji is an exponent of Delhi & Farakkabad gharana. Panditji has received many awards and titles such as Tal Vilas, Swar Sadhana Ratna, Konkan Kala Bhusan, Nadashree, Sangeet Natak Academy, Manad Sangeet Acharya, Kalashri Puraskaar and fecilitated by Indian President Abdul Kalam. 



  • Pt. Sukhrajsinh Zala - Ahmedabad - Desciple of Pt. Nikhil Banerjee
  • Pt. Indranil Bhattacharya - Calcutta - Desciple of father Timirbaran Bhattacharya, Us. Alludin Khan Saheb
  • Pt. Ganesh Mohan - Mumbai - Desciple of Pt. Manilal Nag



Jatinkumar was privileged to have performed before Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth twice. He has also performed at various local, national and international festivals including Edinburgh festival, India International festival, 3rd international symposium and festival, Oxford University, South Bank Centre, Radio GLR. With a number of prestigious performances he has also toured all over the major countries like USA, Canada, Eorope, UK, Ireland, East Africa, South Africa and in India. In 1997 he was invited as a Judge and performer at 14th Indian Music and dance competition, Baltimore USA. 

He was honoured by the Mayor Ken Livingston on the occasion of London Day on 4th July 2003 for making an outstanding contribution to the life in London specially for the ethnic minorities.  

Besides performances he is a dedicated teacher, lyricist and music composer too. Many of his compositions are recorded on to cds and tapes. He is proud of his deditated team of children who have gained their degree and diploma even before they have passed their A levels. Also dedicated professional parents who have also gained their degree in music despite their busy professional career. 

At present, he serves as the Head of the Music Department at The Swaminarayan School, Neasden, London since 2000. 



  Pt. Askaran Sharma and jatinkumar at The Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, London























Pt. Bhaigaitonde (Pt Suresh Gaitonde) - doyen of Delhi and Farukkabad Gharana

Pt. Pratapnarayanji - Mewati Gharana. Brother of Pt. Maniramji and Pt. Jasraj ji. Father of music director Jatin Lalit, actress Sulakshana Pandit and Vijayeta Pandit.



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