Sangeet Vishwabharti was founded by Jatinkumar Oza in 1993 in Harrow, London. It is purely a traditional North Indian Music Academy which provides outstanding and systemetic training in classical vocal, tabla, sitar, harmonium, semi-classical vocal (bhajan, folk music) and dance.

Classes are held both children and adults according to the levels from introductory to diploma and degree level in all subjects.


Sangeet Vishwabharti is only centre in UK, affilated to Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Manda, Mumbai, India since June 1995 for the International music examinations in all above subjects. More than thousand students have passed their music examinations and many have achieved their diploma and degree certificates in Indian Music. 


Music, as we all know, involves vocal, instrumental and dance art forms as a whole. Music can be regarded as a medium for expressing thought and feeling through tone and time.The basic elements of music that combine to achieve this effect are melody, rhythm and harmony. Their combination gives rise to musical form.The term Indian music refers to the music of the sub-continent. Indian classical music, based on the raga form, refers to both North Indian music and South Indian music. Alternatively they are known as Hindustani and Carnatic music. Both traditions carry one single aim - to achieve highest innermost path of God through music. Rigved says 'kalav tat hari kirtanaat' music is the only tool to achieve God' 


Regular classes for childern and adults are held at The Harrow Arts Centre on Saturday and Sunday. Please refer to Classes and Calender for more details about classes. 


Contact no: 07956 245752 








Smita Oza

Vice Chairman -Sangeet Vishwabharti


Smita Oza is a solicitor by profession and joined Markand and Co Solicitors in 2001 and has been a partner since 2006. She is a senior Solicitor, and immigration adviser with COFFA status awarded to her by the Law Society.

She specialises in various aspects of Immigration Law and with over 17 years of experience within the field. She also has vast experience in conveyancing and other legal matters. 

Besides her profession, she plays sitar and also helps many students of Sangeet Vishwabharti in preparing them for ABGMVM examinations perticularly in theory of Indian music from beginners to degree level. She also has very good knowledge and skill in organising community events, music concerts etc. 

Smita is the founder and director of  "Sangeet Sarita' organisation to promote Indian music to our younger generations and adults. Under the banner of 'KEEP ALIVE' many live concerts (Classic songs of Indian bollywood cinema) were held in London, Luton, Leicester, Peterborough, Milton Keynes etc. These concerts inspired and encouraged many young and talented singers/musicians to perform live on the stage. Many youths, A levels and university students were also inspired to perfom on the stage with the live music. 

Akhil Raithatha, Rikhil Raithatha, Preet Kale, Pooja Kale, Aditi Vyas, Priyanka Oza, Aditi Tanna, Kaushik Punjani, Paresh Virji are few names  associated with KEEP ALIVE group.

Sangeet Sarita's main aim is to raise funds and donate to support disable and blind children in India towards learning music, purchasing musical instruments. She has supported "Kamla Mehta Dadar school of blind girls - Dadar, Mumbai, Age Concern, UK etc.



Mr Dilip Acharya is a director of Sangeet Vishwabharti. He as broad knowledge of many facets of business in an educational sector. Being a professional business consultant, he posseses wealth of knowledge in developing , structuring and enhancing Sangeet Vishwabharti academy by: 

  • Organising and executing assigned musical projects on behalf of SVB 
  • Meeting with assigned clients when needed and perform an initial assessment of a problematic situation
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