Jatinkumar Oza 

Founder Chairman Sangeet Vishwabharti, London 1993

  • FISM - Full member of Incorporated Society of Musicians
  •  M.A. Performing Arts (Middlesex University, London)
  •  Sangeet Akankaar - Vocal   (ABGMVM) 
  •  Sangeet Visharad - Tabla (ABGMVM), Sitar (upto degree level) 



Jatinkumar was privileged to have performed before Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth twice. He has also performed at various local, national and international festivals including Edinburgh festival, BOPIO-India International festival, 3rd international symposium and festival, Oxford University, South Bank Centre, Radio GLR. With a number of prestigious performances he has also toured all over the major countries like USA, Canada, Eorope, UK, Ireland, East Africa, South Africa and in India. In 1997 he was invited as a Judge and performer at 14th Indian Music and dance competition held at the Baltimore USA. 

 He was honoured by the Mayor Ken Livingston on the occasion of London Day on 4th July 2003 for making an   outstanding contribution to the life in London specially for the ethnic minorities.  

 Besides performances he is a dedicated teacher, lyricist and music composer too. Many of his compositions are   recorded on to cds and tapes. He is proud of his deditated students (children & adults) who have gained their degree and diploma in Indian classical music through ABGMVM board. Many of his students have become stage performer such as Palvi Shah, Paarul Shar, Alpa Shah, Preet Kale, Pooja Kale, Kaushik Punjani, Paresh Virji etc.


He has served as the Head of Music Department from 2000 - 2019 at The Swaminarayan School, Neasden,   London. 



Classical Vocal Gurujis





Dr. Pandit Askaran Sharma (Mumbai). Pt. Askaran Sharma is the reciepient of many prestigious awards such as Sangeet Natya Academy, Swar Vilas,Sangeet Manishi, Sangeet Kalanidhi,  Sangeet Ratna (London 2003) etc. Panditji has performed extensively all over India and abroad. He is the Son-in-Law of Pt. Maniramji of Mewati Gharana (Pt. Jasraj's elder brother). Pt. ASkaranji and Pt. Jasrajji has performed together in many live concerts. Pt.Askaranji's wife Smt. Yogai Sharma, daughter Mahima Neil and son Anand Sharma have been engaged in classical music performances, workshops and TV serials like Indian Idol, SaReGaMa, etc.




A very renowned and eminent classical artist of Ahmedabad, Gujarat and a desciple of Pt. Jasraj. He followed and flourished  a tradition of Mewati gharana through his unparallel singing. He could sing in all three octaves very efortlessly. His purity of raag, with flawless aalap and taan were appreciated by all leading musicans of India. He has trained many classical and semi-classical singers in Ahmedabad and from other places. His sons Niraj Parikh and Vikas Parikh have maintained and kept alive the rich tradition of Indian music.








Pt. Srikant Bakre was born in Nagpur on 26th Aug 1930. He was initially trained by Pandit Manohar Barve of Nagpur. At the age of 16 he shifted to Calcutta. He was highly influenced by the rendition of Ustad Amir Khan Saheb and then he became a formal desciple of Khan Saheb. Pt. Bakreji's singing style was very soothing, pure and effective. He never wanted to be in limelight to influence people and to gain popularity. His teaching was very knowledgable and friendly which students used to enjoy. He had students from many different places like, Gowhatti, Delhi, Asonsol etc.  




Late Pt. Pratapnarayanji, an Indian classsical vocalist and tabla player (1918 - 2002) of the Mewati Gharana. He was introduced to the music by his father Motiramji. He had served as court musician of Rivaa. He was very fluent in singing any difficult raags with very ease and flawless. Amongg his well-known desciples is his younger brother Pt. Jasraji. His elder brother Pt Maniramji was also a great vocalist. Pandir Pratap Narayan's son Jatin Lalit -well known music director of Bollywood, his daughters Sulakshana Pandit and Vijayeta Pandit were also Bollywodd singer and actress. 


One of his TRIO vocal recording (Pt. Maniram, Pt Pratapnarayan and Pt.Jasraj)  of Raag Dhanashree, Raag Jog are very popular amongst classical music singers and listeners. 








Panditji initially was trained by his father B.T Gaitonde and he had priviledge to learn tabla from Pt. Jagannathbuwa Purohit, Us. Ahmadjaan Thirakwa, Pt.Vinayakrao Ghanghrekar.  Panditji is an exponent of Delhi and Farakkabad gharana, He has received many awards and titles such as - Taal Vilas, Swar Sadhana Ratna, Konkan Kala Bhusan, Nadshree, Sangeet natak Academy, Manad Sangeet Acharya, Kalashri Purashkaar. He was also fecilitated by the President Of India Abdul kalam. 

Pandit had performed and held tabla workshops in London at The Harrow Arts Centre, The Swaminarayan School in 2005. His son Dilip Gaitonde is a consultant Opthalmic surgeon and avery good Harmonium performer and disciple of Pt. Chimote. His daughters Ketki and Mithila are doctors by profession and hold visharad degree in Kathak dance.  





Pt. Shankar Ghosh wasan Indian Tabla player from Calcutta and followed the tradition of Farukhaabad Gharana. He was an occasional Hindustani classical singer of Patiala gharana. He started tabla from Pt. Gyaan Prakash Ghosh in 1953. 

He was awarded Sangeet Natak Akademi award in 1999-2000. He started touring the US with Us. Ali Akbar Khan (Sarod) and later with many other artists such as Pt. Ravishankar (sitar), Pt. Nikhil Banerjee (sitar), Us. Vilayat Khan (sitar), Smt. Sharan Rani, Pt. V.G. Jog (violin). During his stay abroad he also collaborated with artists like Greg Ellis, Pete Lockett and John Bergamo. In India he has also performed Us. Bade Gulam Ali Khan, Pt. Omkarnath Thakur, Pt. Vinayak Patvardhan, Smt. Girija Devi, Pt. Indranil Bhattacharya etc. 

Pt. Shankar Ghosh pioneered the concept of tabla ensembles, which employed numerous tabla players playing the same pieces. He had also performed at The Royal Albert Hall in London. His wife Smt. Sanjukta Ghosh is also an eminent singer trained under Patiala Gharana. His son Shri Bikram Ghosh is a renowned tabla player at present times.




Pt. Nikhil Ghosh was a great Tabla player, musician, teacher and writer. He did not come from the family of musician but his elder brother Pt. Pannalal Ghosh was a first great Flute player who took up music as professional pursuit and brought Bansuri to the centre stage of Hindustani music. Pt. Nikhil Ghosh has accompanied his elder brother in several concerts and recordings. His tutelage under three gurus namely, Pt. Gyan Prakash Ghosh, Amir Hussein Khan and Ahmad Jan Thirakwa which made his tabla playing style of a very distinct nature, traditional and unique. His tabla solo was composed of five distinct tabla gharanaas i.e Delhi, Ajraada, Farukhaabad, Lucknow and Punjab. Ustad Ahamad Jan Thirakwa learnt from Us. Munir Khan and Munir Khan was said to have learnt from twenty four gurus following the major style of tabla playing. This legacy was handed down to Pt. Nikhil Ghosh by his gurus over several years. 

He has established "Sangeet Mahabharti" music academy in Ville Parle, Mumbai. His disciples are his children Nayan Ghosh, Dhruba Ghosh, Tulika Ghosh, Eknath Pimple, Datta Yande, Karodilal Bhatt, Aneesh Pradhan, Gert Wegner, Keith Manning and Jatinkumar.   


Pandit Suresh Talwarkar


Taalyogi Pandit Suresh talwalkar is a professional Tabla player based in Pune. He is one of the greatest Tabla exponent of today. He is accomplished artist and a guru, he has contributed immensly to the glourious tradition of Indian classical music. He was initially trained by his father Shri Dattatray Talwarkat and later he learnt from gurus like Pt. Vinayak Ghangrekar and Pt. Padharinath Nageshkar. He also learnt the intricacies of Carnatic Layashaastra or the science of rhythm from Pt. Ramnad Ishwaran. This diverse training enabled him to imbibe both North and South Indian music transforming him into a solo performer with an indivdual expressions. He was honoured by the President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam with the prestigious Sangeet natak Academy Award. He is a reciepient of All India Radio awards, Padmashree Award. He has travelled extnnsively to Europian and Asian countries like Thailand, Sangapore, Austria, Germany, UK, USA, Canada, France, Holland, Sweden and many more. 

His wife Vidushi Padma Talwarkar is also a very famous vocal artist of India. His son Satyajit Talwarkar is the youngest tabla performer of India. His daughter Savani Talwarkar is also a very upcoming talented female tabla player.  




Pandit Kashinath Mishra was a desciple of Pandit Anokhilal Mishra of Banaras gharana. Pt. Kashinathji has performed with all the big stalwart of India like Pt, Ramnarayan, Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, Pt. Shivkumar Sharma, Dhruba Ghosh etc. 



Pandit Nitai Chakraborty was a very proficient tabla player from Calcutta. In his mid- fourties he moved to Gujarat in Rajkot and settled down there. Here he joined the All India Radio and besides his job started training many aspirants in tabla. 






A well known sitar player of Gujarat and a disciple of Late Pt. Nikhil Banerjee, he is fondly known as Jhala Saheb. He had his initial training in vocal music under Shree Ravji bhai, and he always stood by him in all the activities of the institute. He taught sitar for nearly 55 years in Gandharva Mahavidyalaya and strengthened the instrumental section of the institute. Recipient of ‘Gaurav Puraskar’, he did a pioneering work in the field of Sitarvadan in Ahmedabad. He also organized concerts of music for many years under the banner of ‘SurSingar’






Pt. Indranil Bhattacharya was the son of the Legendary Timir Baran - the father of Indian orchestra, Indranil hailed from a family of scholar, priests , and musicians. He traces his lineage to Jadu Bhatta - the doyen of Vishnupur Gharana . Great men of religion like Ramkrishna Parahamsa Dev, Swami Vivekananda, Bama Khepa were regular visitors to their house for religious discourses. Initiated into sitar by his own cousin brother the Late Amiya Kanti Bhattacharya -. He later received rigorous training under the great Guru Baba Allauddin Khan Sahib.

Being the worthy torch bearer of the Senia Maihar Gharana Indranil joined The Ali Akbar College Of Music, California,at the invitation of the great Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. I

At the Santiniketan - at the aashram of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, Indranil finally discovered the peace of his mind and the happiness of his soul. 



Ganesh Mohan was born in a cultural Bengali family of art lovers. His father tutored him initially into learning Sitar and such was the talent of the young boy that he stood first in an All India Music Competition held in Kolkata in 1969, at the age of 10!

Having completed his Higher Secondary Schooling, Ganesh joined the Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata as a student of Hindustani Classical Music and completed his education with a first class master's degree. It was after completing his academic education that Ganesh Mohan started regular training from Maestros as Pt. Manilal Nag, Prof. Ajay Sinha Ray.

He is a great fan of Late Pt. Nikhil Banerjee and has been following his style. With a keen desire to have intense training in the Vilayatkhani Baj for some years, Ganesh has become a disciple of Pt. Arvind Parikh. He thus presents a very fine synthesis of two well known Gharanas. Pandit Ganesh Mohan is an A grade artiste of AIR and Doordarshan. He has performed at many musical conferences in India, Europe, and London (UK). He has conducted many workshops in London and have performed for the BOPIO Indian International festival - London. He has also remained an examiner for ABGMVM. Jatinkumar has an opportunity to learn from him continuously until now.  

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